Note: Forthcoming papers and articles will be added here periodically. 

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Khwaja, Elsa T. (2021). The Network Architecture of Rural Development Interventions: Exploring the Relational Dynamics of Aid-Impact in the Fragile and Conflict-Affected States of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Dissertation. George Mason University, ProQuest.

Elsa Talat Khwaja (2020). ““Localization” in Fragile Spaces: A Comparative Networks Evaluation of Community-Based Programmes in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” Special Issue: Poverty Alleviation in Asia: Future Directions in Measurement, Monitoring, and Impact Evaluation. Journal of Asian Public Policy. DOI: 10.1080/17516234.2020.1829355

Victor, Jennifer N. And Elsa T. Khwaja. (2020). “Network Analysis: Theory and Testing,” in The SAGE Handbook of Research methods in Political Science and International Relations, Luigi Curini and Robert Franzese, eds. Sage Publications Ltd: Thousand Oaks, CA.

Regan, Priscilla M., And Elsa T. Khwaja. (2019). Mapping the Political Economy of Education Technology: A Networks Perspective. Policy Futures in Education


Publications in Progress

Rewiring Aid Architecture Amid Fragility and Uncertainty: Evidence from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Manuscript in progress. Book proposal (based on dissertation) currently under consideration.

“The Anomaly of ‘Thar Badlega Pakistan’: Will Thar Still Transform Pakistan?” Forthcoming feature article in The Diplomat (February 2024).

“Navigating Complex Narratives of United States Development Assistance in Pakistan.” Manuscript in preparation for Journal of Development Studies.

“Defining ‘Localization’ in the Post-Pandemic Era: Examples from Pakistan.” Manuscript in preparation for Viewpoint in Development in Practice.

“Optimizing Development Impact Assessments: Harnessing Network Evaluation for Informed Strategies.” Manuscript in preparation for Journal of Development Effectiveness.

“Violence Against Women in Pakistan: Progress and Challenges to Human Security and Development.” Manuscript in progress, based on MPIA thesis.

“The Global Humanitarian Response in Conflict: Addressing Crises in Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Palestine.” Manuscript in progress.

“Networks of Resilience during Conflict: ‘Localization,’ Social Capital, and Humanitarian Assistance in Afghanistan.” Manuscript in progress.

“The Art in Pedagogy: Incorporating Art-based Teaching Methods to Combat Violence in Communities.” Manuscript in progress.


Selected Independent Blog Articles

“Blending Art, Education, & Aid: Climate Philanthropy & Relief Efforts in Pakistan.” August 5, 2023. Blog:

“Conducting Qualitative Research in Pakistan: 25 Lessons and Observations from the Field.”
Blog post on Medium. September 11, 2022. (Version in preparation for Qualitative Research).

““Suitcase Stories” in Georgia: A Storytelling Session on Cultural Immersion in Pakistan.”
Blog post on


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