The Red Zone is “Lit”….

“Bara Rabial Awal,” the birth of the Prophet Muhamad, is celebrated in many ways around Pakistan and other Muslim majority countries. It is also a special month of worship, and many Muslims plan Milaads and other celebrations.

Over the past few nights, parts of Islamabad and the Red Zone have been lit up with decorative lights. Last night I took a walk for the first time in the evening to check out the government buildings around Constitution Avenue. Even my place of residence, the Parliament Lodges was nicely decorated with lights.

  The Parliament Lodges and the Moon

 The Parliament House

I was informed that this is the tradition, and a lot of people pass through in the evenings with their families to check out the lights on the government buildings and take photos and selfies. It was a beautiful evening last night, as I was walking, I bumped into several families. It was very safe. And the lights were very beautiful. I am glad I had a chance to experience this as well.

I walked from the Parliament Lodges, Parliament House, to the Supreme Court, and went over and spent some time outside of the Prime Minister’s House, to give my Salaam to Imran Khan. Then I walked back all the way to the Pak Secretariat, and back to the Lodges. I took stunning photos and look forward to sharing more.

  The Prime Minister’s House

  Assalamu Alaykum Imran Khan

Will update this post with more observations and photos when I get some more time. This doesn’t feel like “asli Pakistan” (Real Pakistan) but it’s still pretty cool to view and experience within this country. I am now preparing for my trip to Lahore tomorrow. I am glad that I am finally making these travel plans and returning to Lahore. I have a great trip planned thus far. I plan to meet a few people for interviews, and then also have a three hour tour with the Aga Khan Foundation, a cultural tour of Lahore. Will do my best to post either in the evening at the Chancery Hotel or when I return from the trip to Lahore on Sunday.

I am looking forward to it. I have had a chance to meet many people who have worked or are working with Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan Development Network, and I really respect their work. I am glad I will have the opportunity to see their work in Lahore, a very big project they are currently working on for the restoration of cultural monuments.

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